Shopping Online Has It's Benefits

While shopping in-store has been the "way" of shopping for quite some time in the past, online shopping is becoming more and more popular!
Our JJB online store is up and coming. We would like to invite you to come visit sometime.  
Local customer?  Distant follower? Wished you would have purchased that item in store last weekend?  
Now you can!  Shop 'til your heart desires! 
We will be adding new inventory weekly, just as we do in our local stores stores! Starting at the end of April, we will have ONLINE EXCLUSIVES ONLY! Yes, you read that pieces sold only online!


If you're still not sold on the 'online shopping' idea, here's some reasons to think about:

  1. CONVENIENCE.  Whew, enough said.  Online shopping is so convenient these days.  With our busy lives, we may not always have time to make it the physical store for our purchases.  Heck, they even have online shopping at local grocery stores..GROCERY STORES!!!! Need we say more?
  2. Save time and fuel.  Yes, we are all wanting to save money on fuel expenses these days and why not save a little fuel expense and your own time.  We all know we don't get enough time away from our work/school week to get everything done that we need to get done.
  3. Pay with a credit card-safely.  We make it easy and safe to buy from our boutique.
  4. (Here's my favorite) The internet NEVER closes.  Our online store is ALWAYS open...24/7 (literally).  Can't stop thinking about that dress you didn't purchase while you were in store, but want to put your mind at ease?  Purchase it online!  And better yet, it's super easy to shop on YOUR time - morning, noon, evening, or at 2 am.
  5.  Delivery to your doorstep.  Yup, fashion pieces delivered right to you!  
  6. Shop local, nationally, or on-the-go.  While most of our loyal shoppers are local customers, we still would like to reach out and be available to our distant customers.  Ever lived somewhere, shopped a local store often and then moved?  It's like having a Janelle James Boutique at your fingertips in your back pocket at all times
  7. Easy and less stressful.  How easy is it to lounge on the couch in comfy clothes, sipping your latte looking for a new outfit for next weekends' shenanigans? Extremely easy.  We love to make things easy for our fabulous customers.
  8. Online exclusives.  We will be offering online exclusive fashion pieces for our customers that will not be offered for sale in our physical stores.
Now shopping online doesn't look too bad, right?  Actually, pretty easy huh?
Here at JJB, we want to make all your shopping experiences exceed your expectations.  
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our stores or shoot us an email.



Kate Ashley