Textures, Prints & Chambrays - Oh My!

In case your wondering, this 2014 Fall/Winter season is all about textures, prints and chambrays!!  

Mix and matching materials such as knits, leathers, chiffon, flannel, denim, lace, quilted...with prints - stripes, florals, chevrons, and plaids.

And of course, the staple piece of the season- the chambray!


[Ooooh, the possibilities this chambray has!!]


I have put together some ideas of pieces carried at JJB that incorporate different textures and prints together, and of course, the chambray.


{Black quilted skirt, knit sweater, and leather jacket}


{Striped thermal knit dress, leather jacket, denim chambray and plaid flannel scarf. Photo courtesy of: Amber}


{Kellie is featured wearing our printed leggings with our quilted burgundy sweater}


{Our simple and popular black fit and flare dress with a statement necklace and open chambray}


{Left: Kellie in our fit and flare lace dress with a leather jacket and statement necklace.  Right: Hoku in our striped jersey knit dress and red/blue flannel shirt.}


{Fully buttoned chambray, black quilted skirt and chunky scarf}


{Belted army green romper, chunky flannel scarf with a simple chambray}


Doesn't get much simpler than this....

{Burgundy dress, chambray wrapped around the waist and spike statement necklace}

As you can see, this Fall, the options are endless literally, endless!  With the flannel print scarfs, dresses, printed leggings, colored pants, sweaters, leather jackets...any new outfit can be created.  

It's up to you to create something that appeals to you - there's no right or wrong way to mix and match this season.  Be as creative as you want.

What outfits will you create?!

Kate Ashley