Casual business attire in at JJB

Janelle Hill

You know JJB is known for their dresses...

But did you know that we also carry a lot of casual, chic business pieces? 

 These Fall hot jackets just made their way into our store.

(left: White/black 3 button front closure; right: Grey/black side zip closure tweed jacket)

These jackets could be paired with any dress or colored pants for a fun, casual look.

For some inspiration we've put together some outfits that are business casual.  All thanks to Amber for putting these pieces together - very inspiring!

{Navy blue/white striped dress, grey/plaid patched twill jacket, jeweled belt}

{Burgundy pants, white tank blouse, grey/black tweed jacket, pink/pearl tie necklace}

{Cream top/grey tweed dress, tan moto leather jacket, gold statement necklace}

{Black dress, teal jeweled necklace}

{Skinny black pants, white/black tweed jacket, red crossover blouse}


Of course this is just a "sneak peek" at our chic business casual pieces, but we're getting a lot more in!

Possibilities are endless.

What will you find?  What could you add to enhance your own current business wardrobe?

Cheers to new careers!


Kate Ashley


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