Scarves, scarves, scarves EVERYWHERE!

It's that time of year again!


(and you thought I was going to say sweater weather, didn't you?!)


We're starting to get our shipments of assorted scarves in store....and get in fast!  

We have light-weight, chunky, plaid, printed, knitted...all kinds to choose from!

And the best yet this season...

...they can be paired with just about any and all outfits this Fall!

Dresses, blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, knitted patterned sweaters - you name it, a scarf can be paired to alter the look with a little pazazz!

Check out these scarf looks at Janelle James Boutique...










Notice the textured scarf with the different patterned jackets and sweaters?  You can pair just about any scarf with any outfit depending on the look you're after.


What can you put together?


Kate Ashley

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