Cyber Monday Sale

Janelle Hill

As Cyber Monday becomes a bigger deal every year.  We have decided we must get with the times.  This year we decided to give 30% off the entire online purchase along with Exclusive Items only available online!  We will test this idea and see how it goes! :) 


Take a look at some of the Exclusive Items --

The perfect party dress.  Make it seem fun and classic with look.


A must-have vest for the season.  It's super cute and cozy with a double lining with hood.  This is Hot Seller!


Another top trend for the time being.  Camo anorak jacket.  Love this look, I would totally suggest this to anyone.


We want to thank everyone who continues to support the boutique!  It's been quite an amazing time lately!


Thanks for reading and Happy Cyber Monday!


Shop at: and use CODE: JJBCYBER and receive 30% off purchase and free shipping around the U.S.

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