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As most of you already know, we specialize in a unique selection of dresses for a variety of occasions.... Homecoming Sadie Hawkins Prom Winter Formal/Winter Ball Sorority functions Sorority dances It's no wonder our dresses are so popular!  With this many occasions just in the Portland/Metro area and all the local schools - that's a lot of different styles and personalities to fit under one roof.   Are you... a society leader? a school counselor? school faculty? on the dance committee? in student council? a dedicated shopper?   a parent of a dedicated shopper? a coach?  a house mom? LISTEN...

P.R.O.M. - Are you ready?

Janelle Hill

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Been asked to prom yet?   Hoping to get asked to prom? Going to prom no matter who your date is?   Janelle James Boutique is your #1 prom dress stop! Why?  Because we carry very unique and affordable prom dresses - short, long, flowy, form fitting, glitz, glam, elegant, simple & more!   We've got a little variety for everyone's taste! We get a limited amount of styles in each of our stores.   Haven't thought about your prom dress yet?   Don't worry, we've got many more styles and colors coming in stock in the weeks to follow....