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As most of you already know, we specialize in a unique selection of dresses for a variety of occasions.... Homecoming Sadie Hawkins Prom Winter Formal/Winter Ball Sorority functions Sorority dances It's no wonder our dresses are so popular!  With this many occasions just in the Portland/Metro area and all the local schools - that's a lot of different styles and personalities to fit under one roof.   Are you... a society leader? a school counselor? school faculty? on the dance committee? in student council? a dedicated shopper?   a parent of a dedicated shopper? a coach?  a house mom? LISTEN...

Accessorize with Accessories - Necklaces

Janelle Hill

Tags 2013 Fall, Accessories, Belts, Necklaces

Last week, Christie {our intern} talked about ways to wear scarfs for the upcoming season - impressive, right?!  Who knew there were so many ways to wear and tie a scarf to create different looks! Not to mention, there are plenty more ways! This week, we've been adding more accessories to our storefront inventory - accessories as in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and scarfs!  The online store will slowly be introducing accessories starting with necklaces {this week} Here are a few that are now being featured in store & online... A sweet, dainty gold link necklace with texture.   5 Gold butterflies...