Time for Spring Fashion

Although, we are facing freezing temperatures right now as I'm writing, who else is ready for the sun and some warmer vacations?!  I've noticed so many plan trips to get away during the Winter and hey, why not!!!  


One of my favorites to travel with:  This shear off shoulder textured top.  Perfect trend item but so easy to wear.  Wear this piece day or take it into the night.

Another must have for when you are on vacation: Regardless if you are heading somewhere warm, it's no secret that those places tend to crank up the A/C and at times I've wished I packed a few more sweaters and cardigans, possibly even a jacket or two.  I know it seems strange when you are traveling somewhere warm but be aware that sometimes a girl needs a sweater!

When you go out at night, depending on where you're traveling to, it's always fun to step up your fashion game!  Typically when I travel somewhere warm, I love to dress up and go out and enjoy the moment.  I love to pack rompers, jumpsuits, maxi dresses, and tons of accessories!

First look below is an striped off the shoulder ruffle front wrap maxi.  Love this look so much!  

Second look is this satin cowl front mini!  Obsessed with this look!  Vibing with the color and the style of this dress.  Current Trend Alert!


Alright, this is just some fun fashion looks for when I travel.  Thanks for reading!


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