be. BOLD. as Fashion.

A New Year means new goals, new resolutions, and a new...bolder YOU.


As the holiday season finally comes to an end, take a moment and pat yourself on the back...You did it! You survived yet another chaotic, stressful, but memorable holiday season with the ones you care most about. After all that holiday shopping, prepping, traveling, and indulging, have you taken a moment to self reflect all the things you've come across this past year? We've loved, lost, conquered, and failed, but at the end of the are in charge of your happiness. It's now a New Year and fresh start to new why not look good and feel good doing it? It's the perfect time to rock a new hairstyle, a new lip color, or that edgy pair of heels you've been eying. Whatever your new goals and resolutions are for this year, do it and do it with a little boldness! (Cause why not?!)


Here are some new accessories from Janelle James Boutique to add a little edge to your look! From statement necklaces, to layered bracelets, to funky belts...we've got you covered!




There's no other better time to be more bold with fashion and spice up your current wardrobe! Sometimes stepping outside the comfort zone opens up new ideas, inspiration...and a new you!


xo - Christie