Celebrity Fashion Inspiration and Getting to Know Some of the JJbabes!

Hey JJbabes!

So this week is something a lot of us dream about on a day to day especially us shopaholics. You scan through your fave celebs instagram and rave about their hottest outfits, or are forever looking for that dress that they wore over two years ago! So today we are going to discuss some of our own celeb trendsetters and why they inspire our style. This summer we have tons of new trends and designer fashions coming in so remaking the looks for less will not be difficult at all, and we will demonstrate this on later posts. So make sure to stop in weekly for our ever changing inventory, as well as follow us on Instagram and Facebook for secret sales and inventory updates.

So our first JJbabe is Kellie: Kellie is our regional Manager and probably the most caring person I have met and I think her style reflects that. Kellies celebrity fashion icon is Kourtney Kardashian. Kellie likes Kourtney because "she isn't afraid to take a risk with wearing the latest trends, and does it with confidence. I also love her style because she mixes feminine girly pieces and edgy pieces together." Kourtney Kardashian tends to dress more on the classy and flirty side which I think embraces Kellie to the T!


Hoku: Hoku's Style inspo comes from the one and only J-Lo. This actually surprised me at first but then I realized they are both fiery but keep it very classy in their style and there is always a little pop of fun. Something similar about Hoku and J-Lo is that they both have very great tan complexions and can rock a lot of neutral and rich nude tones. Not a lot of us think we can do that but, it is all about finding what fits you! We can't always be our celeb icon. So although Hoku looks for celebrity inspiration in J-Lo she is always her own person with her style. Also what I love about J-Lo's style is that it always looks very expensive as well as Hoku's even if it isn't their spendiest piece.


Christie: Christie's style inspiration comes from the stunning Nicole Richie. Now if you haven't met Christie you have to! Most confident, sweet, and driven woman I have ever met! which I love. This lady embraces the Bohemian life in her clothing every day. She is Boho Chic! Nicole Richie's style has been titled "L.A. Vintage", very eccentric, bold, and bohemian. Christie loves layering accessories and always fits her figure well. Something we will talk more on is figure flattering over trend and Nicole as well as Christie do that astonishingly. One of my favorite outfits Christie has worn is: a boyfriend crop pair of jeans with minimal distress, cutout booties, graphic tank, floor length cardigan, a pendant, and arm candy. But then when she has a night on the town with her friends you can find her in some pumps, a mini wrap dress and her fave watch or necklace. She is fearless in her style and embodies her surroundings, but is always Christie and that is what matters most in fashion is that it is an expression of you.


 JJbabe Amber: My fashion princess right now is Kylie Jenner! why? because this girl although young, stomps her own path. In fashion and day to day, which is also me. I am also trying to come out of my shell as dressing a lot older than my age, I am at a point in my life where I am able to pretty much do whatever and I want to have more fun with my style. I love Kylie because she looks like "Coachella" all the time which is a music festival held in Southern California. Being from SoCal I have that California sassy vibe but also very edgy I love pieces that make peoples heads turn and having pieces no one will have. I almost never buy jewelry from common stores but, I do purchase from places like the Saturday markets, thrift stores, and some boutiques (ours). Kylie embraces her youth and free spirit and she isn't afraid to be different from her family and not care what people think of her which I really respect. Also she does my favorite thing in fashion, which is mixing her thrift with the her splurges!! One of my favorite outfits below is from ASOS.com and is an overall jumpsuit for $44 paired with a Chanel backpack. Also she is very simple and doesn't do a ton of accessories in her looks and keeps them simple. But what I have caught myself doing instead of accessorizing, is playing with a sultry smokey eye and different lip shades. But she isn't afraid to just be her and wear what she wants! I feel that I have become this way as I am not someone who is easily influenced and likes to express myself as I may.

 So, I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit about us. I hope our style inspirations inspired you, because we are all very different women, but there is always room to expand your style and fit it to different occasions. Fashion is fun, it's an outlet of your inner beauty, so be daring and go for those styles you think you can't pull off because, 9 times out of 10 you can. You just have to find what exemplifies you and make the trend fit you, don't allow yourself to be overcome by the possibility it isn't for you. But we want to know more about our extended family of JJbabes! So on this post we are hoping that you guys will name your favorite celeb fashion inspo and send us in a  remake of one of your favorite looks by them or a collage! We will choose a few that you guys send in and feature them on our facebook and instagram! To send in your sassy looks e-mail them to amberswayne@yahoo.com So keep it cute JJbabes! Until next week!


Amber Nicole