Scarf Tying 101: Multiple ways to wear your favorite scarf!

Hello everyone! It's Christie, the intern, once again!
We're weeks away from Fall and it's almost time to pull out all our layering pieces again, especially all those scarves that have been laying around collecting dust! Scarves are a necessity for the cooler months because it's both practical, keeping you warm and cozy, and trendy, accessorizing and completing your Fall wardrobe. With so many different styles and cuts, we put together a little Scarf Tying 101 to give you some inspiration! So go on and grab your favorite scarf and try out these fun and versatile ways to wear them!
1.) Simply loop your scarf around your neck once with both tail ends pointing to the ground. You can adjust how close you want it to your neck and adjust how full you want it!
1.) Closely loop the scarf twice around your neck, and angle the tail ends towards one side.
2.) Tie a single knot and fluff the scarf to your preference!
1.) Closely warp the scarf around about 3 times, tightly winding the scarf.
2.) Tie the tail ends together.
3.) Tuck the tail ends, so you can't see them and there you have it!
1.) Fold your scarf in half: One end will have a loop, and the other end will have the tail ends.
2.) Drape the folded scarf over the back of your neck.
3.) Open the looped end and pull through the tail ends from the other side through, creating a loop.
4.) Adjust the fullness and length to your desire.
1.) Drape the middle of the scarf over your neck, with the tail ends pointing to the ground.
2.) Tie a knot to secure both tail ends together.
3.) Loop that tied end over your neck, so it creates a 2nd loop over your neck.
4.) Fluff and add volume as you please!
1.) Open up the entire scarf and drape the whole thing as if you were wearing it like a blanket.
2.) Add your favorite belt around your waist.
3.) Sinch the scarf around your waist and adjust to your comfort.
4.) Adding a belt creates kimono-like armholes that act as sleeves!
1.) Open the scarf and hold the two long ends.
2.) Fold the scarf in half (one side will be the folded edge, and the opposite end will be the two opening ends).
3.) Put aside the folded edge (I draped it over my shoulder for now) and open up the end with the two tail ends.
4.) Tie a single knot.
5.) Now take that folded edge you set aside, and place it in the middle of the single knot, finally tying and securing the final knot.
6.) Everything should be tied together, and once you open up the scarf, you will have two armholes!
This is what the VEST style will look like. You can accessorize with a belt to create a more fitted look!
These are only some of MANY different ways to tie your scarf, the possibilities are endless! Now that you've mastered these styles, you'll be ready for the cooler months to come! Enjoy!