Dress Shopping Guide

What Do I Wear?

Let’s face it, does anyone not look through 1 million options when preparing to go to a wedding?

Wedding guest attire can be TRICKY. I personally use to order 5+ dresses, hate all of them, order more, borrow something from a friend, and still not love what I’m wearing or the photos!

I have rounded up some full proof wedding guest dresses that you are guaranteed to love, but also wear again and again!

Before we jump into it, you should know that there are dress codes for a wedding. You should typically be given the dress code on the invitation!

At the basic level there is casual, cocktail, formal, and black tie. And if the invite doesn’t say, then ask a friend because you have got to know the dress code before shopping!

Here we go.

Casual Wedding Attire

When dressing for a casual wedding, the biggest thing to be cautious of is over-dressing!

A casual wedding is likely going to be outdoors, or smaller and more intimate. Casual does not mean jeans, shorts, or what you wore to work the day before. Think summer sundresses and wedges. A ribbed long sleeve dress and booties in winter.

You can still have fun with this attire and not over do it! The most popular length of dress for this attire is mini or short but I think there are some beautiful midi lengths as well. Fabric is key. Shop for cotton, and casual laces. Nothing too dressy like velvet or silk.

Here’s a few recommendations: