So, You Wanna Know More About Janelle James Boutique...

Unique. Affordable. Fashion. That's us!

We are a locally owned and operated boutique specializing in women and junior clothing and accessories.

How does our boutique operate and thrive?

We offer some of the hottest and trendiest fashion pieces on the market at affordable prices.  Who doesn't like affordable fashion?  I know I sure do!  In this economy we all want to rock that amazing Chanel handbag or the latest Tom Ford sunglasses, but who can do that when we're constantly trying to keep up with the last fashion clothing trends? And who wouldn't want to incorporate the latest fashion with our designer labels without paying a small fortune?  I know I would and I'm sure you would too!  Whether your looking for a fun, trendy outfit, a dress for a special occasion, or a fresh, up-to-date look, you'll be sure to find it here.  Our styles and sizes are very limited and we have shipments coming in weekly, so our inventory is constantly changing.  We as women, don't like to see the same fashion piece all over town - we like to feel exclusive and special!  And you will find that here!


The one word to explain our philosophy.  We pride ourselves on this and strive to make every customer feel as though they are getting an ultimate shopping experience.  Need another size?  Need help with matching accessories? Need assistance finding the "perfect" outfit for that occasion you've been needing something for? JUST ASK!  We're here to help you.  Janelle James Boutique is who we are because of our amazing customers!

Now you know how we operate...what about our customer?  Who are they?

Glad you asked!  Just look in the mirror - fun, smart, educated, amazing, funny, beyond fashionable, fabulous and just a good person all around!  Our customers are very loyal and know a good deal when they see one.  It isn't unusual that customers know us by first name or continuously come back just to see what our newest and latest fashion shipment is.

A big thanks to our customers for all their loyalty!  Without the love and support from our customers, this would not be made possible!

Come see us at Washington Square Mall 🛍️