Bow Blouses, Skirts and Dresses - Oh My!

If you haven't noticed, one of the hottest trends right now are pieces with BOWS!  Yes, bows and ruffles - very 70's inspired, yet modern and can dress up any outfit.

Summer outfits can easily be transformed into Fall and even Winter outfits, but you can also be on the lookout now for pieces that can be timeless, universal season our bow blouses and bow dresses.

Here's a few that we carry at Janelle James Boutique:

A classic black & white 'Monochrome' dress in black/white(off-white)

with a bow front and ruffles in black sheer.

(Arriving this Wednesday, 08/01)


Royal Blue spaghetti strap dress with front zipper, bow front with ruffles.

(Coral color arriving soon!)

Pair with statement bracelet(s), shaped rings, simple stud earrings or even belted around the waist.

Evening casual wear? Jean Jacket

More formal look? Open Blazer

{Stay away from statement necklaces and chandelier earrings ONLY when the bow detail is on the front}


What a classic blouse with added bow feature on backside with flowing ruffles! 

Comes in 3 colors - coral, mint green, and white.

Pair with bracelets, shaped rings and/or simple stud-like earrings.

What to wear with? Lace or vegan leather skirts tucked in the front.

This classic vegan leather skirt in black has eyelet detail though out.  Perfect paired with any of the bow blouses or another favorite blouse!



Another classic skirt - white/cream lace with a vegan leather waistband.  Also fabulous paired with one of the bow blouses or another favorite blouse!


All of these fashion pieces are perfect for Summer!  Even better - they transition easy to Fall wear.  

So many unlimited options with our bow blouses and bow dresses we have available! 

Come in to our Pioneer Place or Bridgeport location to get your bow blouse outfit today!



Kate Ashley