Accessorize with Accessories - Necklaces

Last week, Christie {our intern} talked about ways to wear scarfs for the upcoming season - impressive, right?!  Who knew there were so many ways to wear and tie a scarf to create different looks! Not to mention, there are plenty more ways!
This week, we've been adding more accessories to our storefront inventory - accessories as in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and scarfs!  The online store will slowly be introducing accessories starting with necklaces {this week}
Here are a few that are now being featured in store & online...
A sweet, dainty gold link necklace with texture.  
5 Gold butterflies on a dainty gold chain - perfect for a low scoop top or dress!
Jeweled pewter colored statement necklace with adjustable closure
Another gold linked necklace - a little more bold and sassy, yet still classy!
 In both peach & mint - this statement necklace will surely make a statement with any outfit with a pop of color!
Here are some outfits with statement necklaces and how they can give any outfit a different lock-
{Right} Black belt & black statement necklace -well rounded outfit!
Long, short, thin, thick - necklaces can enhance any outfits appearance!
{Right & Left Dress} Add a belt for a more complete look
Necklaces {and belts} can enhance any outfit and give them your own unique look.  Who says you have to wear the same accessories with the same outfit every time?  Switch it up, play around, see what else will work - especially transitioning your Summer accessories into your Fall wardrobe.  Our Summer accessories can be the pop of color our Fall outfits are looking for - or stop by and check out the  new Fall accessories that are coming in that can be added to your accessory collection.  See what you sparks your interest!
Kate Ashley