Share The Phrase: Janelle James Boutique Has Dresses

As most of you already know, we specialize in a unique selection of dresses for a variety of occasions....

  • Homecoming

  • Sadie Hawkins

  • Prom

  • Winter Formal/Winter Ball

  • Sorority functions

  • Sorority dances

It's no wonder our dresses are so popular!  With this many occasions just in the Portland/Metro area and all the local schools - that's a lot of different styles and personalities to fit under one roof.  

Are you...

  • a society leader?

  • a school counselor?

  • school faculty?

  • on the dance committee?

  • in student council?

  • a dedicated shopper?  

  • a parent of a dedicated shopper?

  • a coach? 

  • a house mom?


We ask that all of you (including our current dedicated shoppers) to please share our blogs to help get the word out about all our unique, trendy special occasion dresses!  

"The best "thank you" is the referral of a friend, family member, or co-worker to our store!"  

Being a small local business, we are able to engage with our customers on a local level, rather than a corporate level and put back into our community!


We also want you to know that we do our very best to keep track of schools and which item has been purchased for what dance/occasion so no two girls will have the same dress.  We can't guarantee it, but we do try our absolute hardest!  So don't be afraid to ask what's been purchased for your school.


We are gearing ourselves up for the 2014-2015 school year with all the dances and special occasions that will come your way - WE'RE HERE TO HELP!


Until next Sunday...


Kate Ashley